What is TUM Business Game?

The TUM Business Game is a two-day and a half case competition where 60 students compete in teams of four over four challenges, provided by our corporate partners.

How can I join the organizational team of TUM Business Game?

Recruitment for the 2022 Team has started on 11th of June, please follow the link for application. By the way, we are going to recruit volunteers for our event. Please check our website or follow us on social networks for further updates.

Who organizes the TUM Business Game?

TUM Business Game is organized by 14 students from diverse background and nationalities. Get to know our highly motivated team here

What is AEBG?

AEBG is the Alliance of European Business Games. TUM Business Game is a member of this alliance. Find out more about AEBG here:

Why should I participate in TUM Business Game?

There are two key benefits for the participants: first you can learn/develop new skills, and secondly you can meet other high potentials who may have the same goals in life as you do. In particular, problem-solving skills are going to be at focus. Last but not least, the whole experience is just unforgettable!

What can I expect from TUM BG?

You will learn about cracking real-life business cases and challenging yourself. Getting inspired by high-skilled fellow students and gaining valuable networking experience with the renowned corporate partners is also an important perk of TUM Business Game.

How can I inform myself about the previous year's events?

You can find the after-movies from previous years here:


Who can participate in the TUM Business Game?

Students who are currently enrolled in a German or a foreign university are eligible to apply.

May I apply if I don't have a partner?

Yes, applicants without a partner can choose a counter part, once the final number of participants is selected from the application period. We will provide you with a tool for communicating with other participants.

May I apply if I am not a student anymore or recently graduated from university?

Unfortunately, our event is organized only for students who are currently enrolled in university.

May I apply if I am enrolled in a university outside of Germany?

Sure! Students from all over the world are welcome to apply.

What is the application deadline?

The first stage application deadline is the 7th of February. Apply now under apply now to the application portal.

What are selection criteria? Are there any specific skills, knowledge or experience you are looking for in applicants?

Our goal is to organize an exciting and highly beneficial event for all of the participants, including our corporate partners and jury. Thus, we are targeting goal-oriented, creative personalities which are able to think critically and are flexible in their approaches to solving a problem.

I am not studying management. Can I still apply?

Of course, applicants with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

If I am not selected, can I apply next year?

Absolutely yes. The previous year’s results won’t influence your application in the new edition in any way.

I am selected but I am not able to participate. What should I do?

Please inform our recruitment team as soon as possible. Contact: 

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes, participants who are not selected in the first round, have a chance to be on the waiting list. In case selected applicants are not able to participate, we will communicate with applicants on the waiting list. If you are on the waiting list, you will also be informed about that.

As a participant, do I need to prepare anything to solve the challenges before the days of the event?

Each case will be introduced during the event. However, the content will be related to real-life business problems of our partners therefore, we do recommend participants inform themselves about the current buisness and possible challenges of our partners. We will also provide you with tips how to crack a business case.


Should I apply, if I don‘t have any experience in solving cases? Do you provide any guidance in advance?

We will provide learning materials and tips on how to crack a business case before the event as well as workshops during the event.

Where does TUM Business Game take place?

The format of this year’s event is not known yet, because of the ever changing restrictions. However last year’s event was online.

How to become a volunteer for TUM Business Game?

Great that you ask this! We will provide the details for volunteers as soon as possible. Stay tuned and make sure to check our social media channels!

We want to become a sponsor for TUM Business Game. Who can we contact?

Please contact our Sponsorship Manager Roman Tepes at 

We want to provide a case for TUM Business Game and become one of TUM BG partners. Who can we contact?

Please contact our Head of External Communications Roman Tepes at 

I want to become a jury member for the TUM Business Game. Who can I contact?

Please contact our Jury Recruitment Manager

What is the appropriate attire for the event? / What is the dress code?

The dress code is business smart.

What do you recommend bringing with me to the event?

Your laptop will be absolutely necessary for the event, a good internet connection and also would a working camera would be preferable. Don‘t forget your charging cable. You may also bring a calculator with you, since it can also be quite helpful. 

Will there be any pauses during the event, in particular between the cases?

Yes. There will be breaks between cases. You can find the schedule of the last event here.

What is the official language of the event?

The entire event will be held in English.

How should I get prepared for the business game?/ What can I do to prepare myself for the challenges?

We will provide learning materials and tips before the event as well as workshops during the event.

Will I have the opportunity to apply for an internship or job during the days of the Business Game?

The event will provide an opportunity to meet corporate partners. Having your CV up-to-date, might be a good idea.